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San Francisco Drug Interventions – 1st Step Interventions

San Francisco  street carSan Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the leading financial and cultural center of Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. And if Addiction rates match the National rate of 10%, then th Population of 825,863 means we have 82,000 Addicts and Alcoholics living in San Francisco.

Most people would think that these Addicts are found wandering the streets of San Francisco in areas like The Tendeloin or parts of The Mission, but they are mostly normal everyday people living in nice, normal and other areas, searving us our coffee or working in the Operating Rooms of our Local Hospitals. The point is most people afflicted with the Diease of Addiction live and struggle through and we cannot always tell.

They all live around friends and family who eventually can tell something is going on when the Addiction becomes too big for the person to manage and they start to wobble out of control. Lots of times Families will notice and talk about their family member behind their backs and wonder what is going on or how they are going to help. Usually too there is someone or more than one person in their lives enabling the Addicition to go on. The enabling is not meant to continue the Addiction, it is usually harmless in intention, trying to buy time so hopefully the Addict gets their act toghether -However, by the nature of the Disease all the enabling does is help continue the very Addiction that is trying to be stopped.

So what is a Family to do when they figure out one of their own is drowning in drugs or alcohol. Intervention is one of the most loving acts that you can do for a family memeber and for the family. If you find that you have a Family member who is struggling with drugs and alcohol Intervention Companies like 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Behavioral Healthcare Services, Inc can provide you with a plan and help your family and your loved one look beyond Treatment and help put a plan of action together that will provide all the steps and tools needed for “A Lasting Focus On Recovery”

Addiction is a Chronic illness an those 82,000 people in San Francisco with The Disease of Addiction will always have it – it never goes away ,only into remission – if the addict does what they need to do daily and if the family stops their enabling and get help for codependency if neccessary.

National stastistics give recovery rates of only about 20%. This can be confusing because it doesn’t give details around if they had a plan or not, continued with Professional help with their plan or any other details. It has been shown that those who not only start their recovery by the way of Intervention, but who also continue after their treatment with Professional help with their Continuing Care Plan with Programs like Addiction Care Management, have higher rates of success.

In conslusion, it is my hope that if you are trying to help a loved one who has addiction that you will not get caught up in the riduculousness of Reality TV and the shows that have basterdized Intervention by showing the despair and using of drugs instead of the happiness and joy of recovery, and call for a free assessment today. It doesn’t cost anything and may save your loved ones life.

For help with Drug Interventions if San Francisco call 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Behavioral Healthcare Services, Inc today at 707-559-5146.

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How to Help somone with Prescription Pill Drug Addiction in San Francisco – 1st Step Interventions

Have someone you love addicted to Prescription pills and they are no longer taking them for the Medical reason they were prescribed,  but are now taking them for Emotional or Psychological needs?


Prescription pill addiction and overdoses have now overtaken Heroin, Cocaine and Methamphetamine’s combined. Let me first say there is nothing wrong with Prescription Pills and that for instance a body will not heal if it is in pain. The problem is when someone with an addiction problem already or  is suspected of possibly having issues with substances gets their hands on “feel good” drugs like Pain killers, Opiates or Opioid’s like (Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Codeine, Oxymorphone, Hydromorphone – these are generic names for Percodan, Vicoden, Tylenol #3, Dilaudid and Opana) or benzodiazepines (Alprazolam, Diazapam, lorazapam, Clonozopam – generic names for Xanax, Valium, Ativan or Klonopin) the latter are used for anxiety, muscle relaxant, sleep disorders to name a few. The addict becomes either physically addicted or psychologically addicted to the emotional pain they relieve.

The biggest issues related to Prescription Pill abuse and suggestions for avoiding Prescription Pill abuse are below:

  • The person taking them is already an addict and they have full control of the medication. In this case another family member or friend should and in most cases getting a small safe or lock box and only giving a days worth at a time can relieve the addict from even thinking about taking more than they should.
  • A family member not attending all Dr’s visits and allowing the addict to describe symptoms that maybe are not being seen by you or over playing the amount of pain they are actually in.
  • Stepping in when it seems as though the “Patient” has been taking the medication for a long time and asking the Dr during these visits is the medication really necessary or is there a non narcotic replacement medication that could now be prescribed.
  • Pill Counting – every once and a while it is good to count the amount of pills still in the bottle. The bottle will have the amount and frequency of how the medication should be taken. This will tell you how many pills should have been taken and should be left. When you get a prescription these days you also get a piece of paper with your insurance info, personal info and precautions on it. It will also have how many days the prescription is supposed to last for on it.
  • Making sure your loved one or friend isn’t seeing multiple Dr’s for the same ailment and getting more prescriptions than they need.
  • Make sure the medication is being taken as prescribed – this does not usually include, snorting pills, crushing or chewing long acting medication or in severe instances using a needle. No matter what your loved one says these are not OK routes for taking these medications. Your Dr has prescribed an amount to deal with your issue – doing the above cause much more of the medication to get into your system potentially causing overdose or increasing tolerance and now you need more to get the same pain relief for instance and your normal amount doesn’t work when swallowed.
  • If your loved on is Physically addicted to their medication and it is time to get off them, instead of trying to tapper the medication over time – look into your insurance and see if you have coverage for a medical Detox in a Center or Hospital. It is safer, quicker, ensures it gets done and a Dr can provide a letter stating you are taking a week off work for “Medical Reason” only and your work has to accept it and cannot legally ask what your “medical’ issue is.

I’ve done these things and I am still finding problems and it is not getting better even though my husband, wife or child swears they will stop or change. I am even finding they are buying pills from other people, off the internet or the streets or have switched to illegal drugs.

  • Never just take their medication away – severe withdrawals could happen and in some cases potential death.
  • If you are allowed to still talk to their Dr, make sure their Dr knows. One thing to know is if they are suffering from Chronic Pain you may want to consult with an Addiction Services Expert or an Interventionist, like 1st Step Interventions & Addiction Recovery Services, INC. for advice.  This can potentially lead to unwanted consequences and a Professional can help you come up with solutions that don’t negatively impact the addict, but get them off the medication and back living normally without needing the medication.
  • If you have found that no matter how many promises you loved one has made, it doesn’t matter they are always broken. Intervention is a potential solution as a good Professional, Compassionate and Confidential Interventionist, who knows your local area well and is local to your Region, such as The Bay Area – will have a high success rate at getting your loved one into Treatment or an Addiction Care Management Service Company that can monitor their progress and accountability. This removes the stress and anxiety from you and allows a Professional in to help and in appropriate cases assess the situation and decide that Rehab ( a Drug Treatment Program) is really needed.
  • You may find that you have developed Co-dependency during this time and have enabled the situation just to relieve your own feelings or to get the Addict out of your hair or to stop acting our, yelling, screaming, being mean etc.. In these cases talking to an Interventionist or Addiction Care Management Service Company helps, but you may need more like Al Anon or CoDA (Co-dependents Anonymous) first let me say as an active AA member myself, the support found in these groups can be found no where else and is really important if you are dealing with a loved one who has an active addiction or who is going through early Recovery (by this I mean the first 2-3 years).
  • If you are trying to help your loved one accept that they need help and your conversation is going in circles – STOP – and then call a Professional like me. You probably have had essentially no impact on their Addiction to this point and you don’t want to further drive them underground and isolated.
  • Lastly this is nothing to be embarrassed about, it doesn’t mean you have done anything wrong. Addiction is a Brain Disease and if you have it you were born with it. The introduction of the substances has activated it and now Professional help is needed.

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Novato Checkpoint catches DUI Offender – 1st Step Interventions

Check Point takes a Man driving drunk  off Marin County Streets

Novato DUI

I read this article and then tried to remember how many DUI deaths have happened over the last 10 years that I can remember being reported in Marin County and Cities Like Novato, the sad thing is I can remember quite a few.

The National Highway Patrol Association reports that somewhere aroung 70% of all drivers on the highway after midnight on any given night are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and a large percentage are above the legal limit. Each one of these drivers is a potential killer.

The sad thing is that most of these DUI cases or deaths or accidents could have been averted if Families has just called an Intervention Company that specializes in Addiction Services like 1st Step Interventions. Most Families get caught up in the whirlwind of the Addiction and don’t know what to do. And to give some of them credit they have tried to talk to the member of the family who is struggling with substance abuse or obvious Addiction, but their pleas go no where and their codependency keeps them stuck.

Intervention can be the most loving thing you can do for a family member. It is an act of kindness shown to a person who is suffering from a Mental Illness, Addiction, which is a Brain Disease, and who on their own cannot stop until some consequence like a DUI or killing someone while driving drunk causes the crisis the then makes the family call for help. If the family where just to call before hand and  become educated on their options and how caring and compassionate a Intervention can be, then a great deal of these drivers could get help first.

At 1st Step Interventions we are glad the police are out there doing checkpoints, but I have to admit I get sad knowing that many of these drivers could have avoided the trouble they are in or the potential harm they could have caused, if the people that love them would just take a risk and call a Rehab or Addiction Intervention Company beforehand here in Marin County, The Greater Bay Area or Cities like Novato.

If you have a love one suffering from addiction or who you know drives under the influence in San Francisco, Novato, Napa, Walnut Creek, Sacramento – any Northern California area please take a risk and help someone not get killed and your loved one get help by calling 1st Step Interventions for a free assessment today.

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Sacramento Intervention and Addiction Counseling Services – 1st Step Interventions

Do you need help with a loved one in Sacramento who is suffering from Addiction?


1st Step Interventions has become the leading choice for families being held hostage by a family members addiction In Sacramento. Most of the time the Addict will deny using and drugs or alcohol and you find yourself in a conversation going around and around getting no where and you are living with anxiety and worry. 1st Step Interventions over the last 10 years has performed over 350+ successful Interventions and worked with 1000+ Addicts and their Families.

Some times you only have one chance at an intervention and you want to make sure you do it right. We are a local company who only works in Sacramento and the Greater Bay Area. We have a 95% success rate at getting Patient into Treatment, cost less than our competitors and unlike out of area Interventionists will not charge you to fly us in and then leave the next day if your loved one says no. In our Contract we agree at no extra cost to stay helping you for 3 months if your loved one says no the first time. We will have a plan in place that works and will be here locally to help you all the way through the process.

call us today our assessment process is free and you have nothing to lose 707-559-5146, if emailing is easier you may email me at Once hired we will take over all of the planning, we will take all of the worry out of your hands and with care and compassion put a plan into place that will work. We will help choose the right Rehab (Treatment Program) at the right cost for your loved one’s needs based on our assessment. Our relationships with local Rehabs are built on trust and confidentiality. We are the Interventionist of choice for most if not all local Bay Area Rehabs.

Don’t be fooled by fancy Intervention Models that get thrown around. The most important piece’s are; is your loved one going to be in front of you to hear how bad their life has gotten, how scared and anxious you are and that there is help available. 1st Step Interventions will make sure this happens and during the pre-Interventon the day before the Intervention without your loved one, we will educate you on the Disease Process of Addiction, Codependency and enabling, discuss what has been going on, help you with what you are going to say and in what order and finally go over several times the process of the Intervention until everyone is sure they fully understand what is going to happen and what their role is going to be.

During Rehab we will stay involved with you during weekly conference calls and getting feedback from the Treatment Program. This is called our Addiction Care Management™ Program. The first month of Rehab’s service is free. Over the last 3 years since founding this Model to better serve this Chronic Disease and the rate of relapse we see, every family has hired us. We take the worry out of whether or not your loved one is doing what they need to for their recovery, are they following their Continuing Care Plan from Rehab. We provide the accountability, keep our conference calls going and meet weekly face-to-face with your loved one. For more information go to

Don’t wait – Call us today we answer our phones 7 days a week. If we are on another call, leave your information and we will call back immediately. It is time to act and move your loved one and family out of the Crisis of Addiction.

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19 People arrested in Sacramento in 20-home drug bust – 1st Step Interventions


Search warrants served at 20 homes across Elk Grove and Sacramento County led to the arrests of 19 people after law enforcement found thousands of marijuana plants at the residences Wednesday.

Elk Grove Police Officer Chris Trim said the department’s street crimes unit has been investigating suspects for the past several months. He said they are responsible for a large scale indoor pot grow and cultivation operation.

During the search of the homes, law enforcement found about 6,000 marijuana plants, more than 180 pounds of processed marijuana and more than $70,000 in cash.

“It ranks up there with some of the larger ones we had several years ago that ended up going federal, as far as the DEA involvement,” Trim said.

Trim said nine children, between the ages of one and 15, were living at some of the homes that were converted into marijuana grows; they were taken into custody by Child Protective Services because they were being raised in a hazardous environment.

Elk Grove police worked with Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Yolo Narcotics Enforcement Task Force, YubaSutter Narcotic Enforcement Team and Department of Justice during the investigation, home searches and arrests.

“Seems part for the course for Elk Grove,” Hutchison said. “We watch it on the news every six months.”

Example of seriosness of Drug Problem and Drug Abuse in Sacramento

This story taken from News10/KXTV Sacramento, illiterates the need for more Rehabs and Drug Intervention and Counseling Services in Sacramento. Even though the amounts seems high, they are not even enough to supply the Marijuana needs of Sacramento. At 1st Step Interventions we recognize that if 20% of the United States population have Addiction then 50,000 people alone suffer from Addiction. There are not enough services to support this need. We at 1st Step Intervention try to do our part by speaking for free to Parents at High Schools and Community colleges, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like enough. The amount of homes converted for Pot growing in Sacramento just couldn’t put the problem out there any louder.

Also, all of these homes have probably been destroyed by mold created inside the walls from the constant high humidity needed to grow Marijuana indoors. These homes also have to be tagged as having been used to manufacture drugs which hurts their resale and leaves hundreds of homes abandoned in our neighborhoods left unattended.

Be aware of what is going on in your neighborhoods and should you need help for anyone you know with an Addiction Proglem we at 1st Step Interventions offer a free assessment. Just call us at 7077-559-5146 or email



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Bay Area Rehabs

Some are Excellent, some are Good and some are Newer and seem to be riding the wave of Private pay “Riches” or “Robbery”.

How is a person to tell the difference and make the right choice?

How can one justify 40=50k for a Month in Treatment just to be told to go to AA. After all I can tell you that for free. The Treatment Industry has painted itself into an ugly corner in my experience and I am not sure all are interested in getting out.– after all is will eat into their bottom line. Though if you are in this to get rich, you are in the wrong industry and you are going to end up hurting Patients. Now I am not saying this about every Center – there are some legit, ethical well run Centers in Northern California who put the welfare of the Patient first in every decision – That is the type of Center I will refer to in my Intervention Business and the kind of Center you will receive the best Health Care for you or your loved one.

I am going to be starting blogging on the current state of Treatment Services of all types in the Bay Area and at the same time my website will be focusing primarily on the topic of Treatment options in the Bay Area, as this site 1st Step Interventions is for Intervention Primarily, and issues relative to it. However, the state of Treatment is an appropriate topic.

Treatment ranges from Residential, to Outpatient.  Payment wise they go from Private pay, to Insurance being accepted and finally free or County funded. Lengths of stay also are between 5 days for Detox to 90 days or even longer. Obviously the Money portion is easy worked out depending on the individuals or families finances, but how do you know what is the appropriate length of time and is the Center just trying to keep the Patient longer for financial reasons – yes that happens.

There are literally hundreds of Treatment Beds from Sacramento to Carmel, some are excellent, some good and some are staffed poorly and therefore there level of treatment is reflected by it.

As I continue this Series and once is up and running I will go more in depth. One issue or question you might have that I want to address up front and that is why am I not writing about Centers outside Northern California.  The reason is that I have been in this business for almost 15 years now and have seen no evidence that supports the cost of sending someone far away for Treatment. If you think you are sending them away from bad influences, they are there in whatever Center you choose. If you think it will keep them in Treatment and they will not leave, wrong, I have seen plenty of Patients leave Treatment and make it home. They usually go around and borrow money form other Patients for all kinds of reasons and then once they have cab money and a plane ticket or bus ticket they are gone. Or they find a friends or old girlfriend or boyfriend to help them. Or they will just get themselves kicked out so you are forced to bring them home.

I have come to believe through my Private Practice and my work as an Executive Director in a Center, that having a Patient in their home area where they are going to set up their Recovery Network and where they can meet Therapists or others like myself and my Addiction Care Management to help them post treatment. And like any other Chronic illness have regular Professional contact with them to make sure their Disease is getting better, remaining in remission and they are making progress in their lives.

For more information feel free to call 707-559-5146 or email