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Has Hash Oil Manufacturing in Northern California and the Bay Area by amateurs created and unsafe Fire Hazard and Cause for Concern


bay area hash addiction

All across Northern California Amateur Cooks are trying their hand at something new and extremely dangerous. Hash Oil, also known as Honey Oil, is cropping up everywhere putting Cooks and their neighbors in harms way.

As Marijuana smokers continue to try and perfect a stronger Grade of Marijuana, Hash oil is having a renaissance. The Golden Brown chunks or powder can be up to 85% in their drug content versus 25% for strong Marijuana. The drug is much more potent and much more expensive.

Typically cooks get their way of making it off the Internet or YouTube and do not realize the method comes with extreme consequences. Without going into detail for this Blog, cooks use Butane to extract the THC in high content from the leaves and shake of the Marijuana Plant. It is during this process that people have been hurt in explosions and fires. This year alone has seen Sonoma County teens and adults alike along with their homes, burned severely. Enough to cause the Federal Emergency Management Agency to issue a warning to first responders about Hash oil explosions. A Petaluma teen was burned on his face trying the process earlier in the year.

Parents and loved one’s should be concerned about hearing anyone they know wanting to or going to try this process. Hash Oil purchased from legal dispensaries has typically been manufactured using an expensive extraction process using Carbon Dioxide, said to be much safer.

** Idea for this Blog taken from a Press Democrat article written on August 12, 2013 **