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Is Intervention necessary or can a family with a sober person do it on their own?

Intervention ExpertGood questions and one that should be asked. Intervention is a Professional Meeting vs a Meeting of Family Members and either one of them or a friend with some Recovery time. Below are bullet points of why Intervention is the only way to go:

1.  A Professional Interventionist will be licensed to work in the Alcohol and Drug Industry, have a Intervention Board Certification and will carry Professional Counseling Insurance.

2.  They will have completed a minimum of 350 hours of additional schooling plus at least 20 hours or CEU’s (Certified Earned units) yearly to keep updated on new Therapies, Models, Pharmacology and other related subjects. Plus Ethics and Confidentiality every 2 years.

3.  A professional Interventionist will have usually visited the Center they are recommending and know the Staff Personally. They are thus able to be objective about the quality and the condition of the Center and the quality of the staff

4.  The Interventionist, before the intervention, trains family members and during the Intervention a level of civility can be obtained by a good Interventionist, allowing for real communication between family members.

5.  An Interventionist knows when to stop and when to keep going. Interventions are fluid and organic. You need some one who can read the signs and allow for the Intervention to reach the right moment.

6.  After your loved one says yes an Interventionist will keep things moving, get your loved on the phone with the Center and help get to what your loved is/has been really taking and what their detox needs will be like and be able to call ahead to the Center to give them the information.

7.  A professional Interventionist will be able to get a good intervention done and the person packed and on their way to Treatment in an hour and a half at most.

8.  All of your plans will he made by and thought of by your Interventionist.

9.  Lastly an Interventionist will keep your Loved One from talking everyone around in circles and debating and trying to change your mind if they do a lesser program or something that is less of a requirement of them and “the easier softer way”