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Glee Star Dies of Heroin and Alcohol Overdose

“Glee” star Cory Monteith, 31, died as a result of “a mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol,” the British Columbia Coroners Service said Tuesday.

It frustrates me that people are already taking his inventory, blaming him for his Disease, his death and out right being mean.

Its disgusting 80% of Patients relapse in the first 12 months, the majority in the first 6 and it cannot be their entire fault. If Treatment Centers sold tires with those figures they would be out of business in a heart beat. In fact here are the numbers

Fact: In 2002, 22 million Americans had substance dependence or abuse (SAMHSA, 2002).

Fact: Approximately 3,500,000 of them received some kind of treatment (SAMHSA, 2002).

Fact: At least 2,800 relapsed.Most will keep relapsing !! (SAMHSA,2002).

Fact: Of those admitted to addiction treatment, 60% already have one or more prior treatment admissions; 24% have three or more prior admissions. (SAMHSA, 2001).

Fact: The majority of people completing addiction treatment will relapse in the year following treatment (Wilbourne & Miller, 2003), 80% of whom relapse within 90 days of discharge (Hubbard, Flynn, Craddock, & Fletcher, 2001).

Fact: Between 25% and 30% of clients who complete addiction treatment will be re-admitted to treatment within one year, 50% within 2 – 5 years (Hubbard,Marsden, Rachal, Harwood, Flynn,Craddock, & Fletcher, 2001).

Yet More and more expensive Center promising views, Chefs, 1200 thread count sheets – like that ever got anyone sober, are opening everyday taking advantage of the sick. This has got to stop and the Industry needs to take a good hard honest look at itself. Unfortunately the only organization they have is NAATP and its lacks any power, not even one Lobbyist in Washington to help get better Insurance coverage for Patients – where do all the dues go – they throw a pretty expensive and fancy shindig every year. Huh !

I’m not saying the Industry as a whole is flawed, but a good chunk is and it is time someone stands up and speaks their mind and holds the Industry accountable. We say we are out to help people, but the all mighty dollar comes first most of the time.

It’s a shame because we really could be helping people without having to change much or many people. But it seems like no one cares – just look at the awful comments that have been said already about this poor (not in the sense of the actual word) you man that openly spoke about his Disease. Yes his Brain Disease – this is not a pull your socks up thing and I am sorry AA, and I am an active member, is so watered down that it is not enough on it’s own for Treatment Centers to rely on after they have taken all your money. There are good Treatment Programs out there and Places like 1st Step Interventions can help you find them. Be careful where you send your love one.