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Marin County Intervention and Addiction Counseling Services – 1st Step Interventions

Do you need help with a loved one in Marin County who is suffering from Addiction?

Marin County

1st Step Interventions has become the leading choice for families being held hostage by a family members addiction In Marin County. Most of the time the Addict will deny using and drugs or alcohol and you find yourself in a conversation going around and around getting no where and you are living with anxiety and worry. 1st Step Interventions over the last 10 years has performed over 350+ successful Interventions and worked with 1000+ Addicts and their Families.

Some times you only have one chance at an intervention and you want to make sure you do it right. We are a local company who only works in Marin County and the Greater Bay Area. WE have a 95% success rate at getting Patient into Treatment, cost less than our competitors and unlike out of area Interventionists will not charge you to fly us in and then leave the next day if your loved one says no. In our Contract we agree at no extra cost to stay helping you for 3 months if your loved one says no the first time. We will have a plan in place that works and will be here locally to help you all the way through the process.

call us today our assessment process is free and you have nothing to lose 707-559-5146, if emailing is easier you may email me at Once hired we will take over all of the planning, we will take all of the worry out of your hands and with care and compassion put a plan into place that will work. We will help choose the right Rehab (Treatment Program) at the right cost for your loved one’s needs based on our assessment. Our relationships with local Rehabs are built on trust and confidentiality. We are the Interventionist of choice for most if not all local Bay Area Rehabs.

Don’t be fooled by fancy Intervention Models that get thrown around. The most important piece’s are; is your loved one going to be in front of you to hear how bad their life has gotten, how scared and anxious you are and that there is help available. 1st Step Interventions will make sure this happens and during the pre-Interventon the day before the Intervention without your loved one, we will educate you on the Disease Process of Addiction, Codependency and enabling, discuss what has been going on, help you with what you are going to say and in what order and finally go over several times the process of the Intervention until everyone is sure they fully understand what is going to happen and what their role is going to be.

During Rehab we will stay involved with you during weekly conference calls and getting feedback from the Treatment Program. This is called our Addiction Care Managementâ„¢ Program. The first month of Rehab’s service is free. Over the last 3 years since founding this Model to better serve this Chronic Disease and the rate of relapse we see, every family has hired us. We take the worry out of whether or not your loved one is doing what they need to for their recovery, are they following their Continuing Care Plan from Rehab. We provide the accountability, keep our conference calls going and meet weekly face-to-face with your loved one. For more information go to

Don’t wait – Call us today we answer our phones 7 days a week. If we are on another call, leave your information and we will call back immediately. It is time to act and move your loved one and family out of the Crisis of Addiction.

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