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Why We Need Longer Addiction Care Management – 1st Step Interventions

What Detox, Treatment and 12 Step Groups miss in their honest attempts to help Addicts.

Patients have many other issues besides Spirituality that they are dealing with post treatment or after day  #1 of Recovery.

Examples of these are:

  • Divorce
  • Debt
  • Lost Jobs
  • Family issues
  • Stress
  • Shame
  • Failure To Launch Into Life
  • Codependents who Enable and don’t know how to stop

Detox, Treatment and12 Step Groups have proven that they have a place in the Addiction Care Continuum for People suffering from the debilitating and Chronic Disease of Addiction. However, they do not sufficiently address, in some cases even identify, severe issues that continually lead Addicts back to using for relief (remember to them using is their solution).

I am not in anyway minimizing the impact Detox, Treatment and 12 Step Groups have on Recovery. Had it not been for this Addict using them I would not be Clean and Sober today. However, I have engaged in other Clinical, Therapeutic, and Educational activities that have helped me deal with issues not identified by, or dealt with, by Treatment or 12 Step Groups – the only 2 Places I was told to go and deal with my Addiction. I suffered for years with my Addiction as a result.

The problem is that many of the issues above take a while to identify, in some cases, to deal with properly, and during that time the Disease may not be in remission enough for the Person dealing with the Disease not to pick up.

Therefore, Longer Addiction Care is called for, a longer and more meaningful period of time where the Addict and in many cases their Family, has Professional interaction. God bless those willing to give of their time as Sponsors in 12 Step Groups, but they are not trained, and in most cases Treatment is so cost prohibitive for long enough Addiction Care – The Chronic Nature of this Illness absolutely calls for more.

The argument being made, what is the answer; Professionals who can fill the gap Post Treatment or after the Addict has decided to get into Recovery that are not cost prohibitive. Places like Addiction Care Management™, where a Professional has been involved since day #1, when either the Family or Addict have decided it is time for change. Addiction Care Management is priced so that most Families can afford it. Here you have a way to extend the period of time that the Addict and Families are able to deal with, or identify issues like above and have help dealing with the issues until the Illness is in Remission enough for the Addict to have made it through the Red Zone, where the chance of Relapse is at its greatest. You also have a Professional who intimately knows the surface issues and can help through Education and other Clinical referrals, where necessary, to help the Addict and Family get to any other issues below the surface. Other addictions such as Drug Testing and Screening can be added for more support.

To wrap up – the 90% to 80% failure rate in early Recovery calls for more and the more has to involve Professional Recovery Places like Addiction Care Management. One thing I have not touched on but is obvious and that is the involvement has to be face to face, person to person, for the proce