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Bay Area Rehabs

Some are Excellent, some are Good and some are Newer and seem to be riding the wave of Private pay “Riches” or “Robbery”.

How is a person to tell the difference and make the right choice?

How can one justify 40=50k for a Month in Treatment just to be told to go to AA. After all I can tell you that for free. The Treatment Industry has painted itself into an ugly corner in my experience and I am not sure all are interested in getting out.– after all is will eat into their bottom line. Though if you are in this to get rich, you are in the wrong industry and you are going to end up hurting Patients. Now I am not saying this about every Center – there are some legit, ethical well run Centers in Northern California who put the welfare of the Patient first in every decision – That is the type of Center I will refer to in my Intervention Business and the kind of Center you will receive the best Health Care for you or your loved one.

I am going to be starting blogging on the current state of Treatment Services of all types in the Bay Area and at the same time my website will be focusing primarily on the topic of Treatment options in the Bay Area, as this site 1st Step Interventions is for Intervention Primarily, and issues relative to it. However, the state of Treatment is an appropriate topic.

Treatment ranges from Residential, to Outpatient.  Payment wise they go from Private pay, to Insurance being accepted and finally free or County funded. Lengths of stay also are between 5 days for Detox to 90 days or even longer. Obviously the Money portion is easy worked out depending on the individuals or families finances, but how do you know what is the appropriate length of time and is the Center just trying to keep the Patient longer for financial reasons – yes that happens.

There are literally hundreds of Treatment Beds from Sacramento to Carmel, some are excellent, some good and some are staffed poorly and therefore there level of treatment is reflected by it.

As I continue this Series and once is up and running I will go more in depth. One issue or question you might have that I want to address up front and that is why am I not writing about Centers outside Northern California.  The reason is that I have been in this business for almost 15 years now and have seen no evidence that supports the cost of sending someone far away for Treatment. If you think you are sending them away from bad influences, they are there in whatever Center you choose. If you think it will keep them in Treatment and they will not leave, wrong, I have seen plenty of Patients leave Treatment and make it home. They usually go around and borrow money form other Patients for all kinds of reasons and then once they have cab money and a plane ticket or bus ticket they are gone. Or they find a friends or old girlfriend or boyfriend to help them. Or they will just get themselves kicked out so you are forced to bring them home.

I have come to believe through my Private Practice and my work as an Executive Director in a Center, that having a Patient in their home area where they are going to set up their Recovery Network and where they can meet Therapists or others like myself and my Addiction Care Management to help them post treatment. And like any other Chronic illness have regular Professional contact with them to make sure their Disease is getting better, remaining in remission and they are making progress in their lives.

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