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Do you ever or have you ever, felt like the woman above, when talking to a loved one about their Addiction and their need for help?

1st Step Interventions knows that addiction does not only affect the addict. People, who have the Disease of Addiction, whether it is to alcohol, drugs or both, do not exist in a world by themselves. Most individuals with the Disease of Addiction live within some relationship to their families, friends, and coworkers. The individuals can be just as affected by The Disease of Addiction as the Addict. Intervention is about professionally intervening with love, feelings and facts to motivate the addicted person to accept the help being offered them. Because unhealthy dynamics surround the addicted person, professional intervention is needed to break down denial and to keep the focus with the addicted person and not on the family, blaming or anything else external.

It is only in the most extreme of circumstances that the alcoholic or addict will voluntarily seek treatment. Practicing addicts who have been forced to face The Disease of Addiction and their behaviors by Family members, Friends, Etc..  will stoutly maintain that there is no problem. Professional intervention provides the necessary impetus to involve the Addict in the process so the Group can confront the Addict about their addiction and break through the denial.

1st Step Interventions specializes in intervention. 1st Step Interventions utilizes a proven method of working with the family, friends and coworkers (coworkers only in certain circumstances) of the Addict. When this group has come to one voice it is ready to take the meeting to the Addict. The message in this meeting is delivered with love, feelings and facts. When the meeting is held in this professional manner, the identified addict is not fearful of the message and hears what the group is saying. 95% of addicts intervened on by 1st Step Interventions accept the help and decide to enter Treatment and Recovery.





1st Step Interventions can perform interventions anywhere in the United States and The World. 1st Step Interventions works with International, national and regionally recognized Treatment Centers, Hospitals and Detox Facilities, the right fit or combination can be found to meet the needs of the addicted person and family. 1st Step Interventions will perform the intervention at your location.


Addiction Care Management:

1st Step Interventions can provide Addiction Care Management once the Patient enters Treatment for The Disease of Addiction again whether it is for alcohol, drugs or both. 1st Step Interventions will provide ongoing updates, information, education, additional referrals, life skills and accountability (for the identified addict) to help The Family and improve the success rate for the Patient. This is a Chronic Illness and just sending a person to Treatment is only part of the process. This add on Service usually is added for six months up to a year and removes the family from any worry, keeps the identified addict focused and on track and has a proven track record of Success. Read more about this absolutely needed service under its own page.



1st Step Interventions can help and assist in transporting the addict to and from treatment. Certainly to treatment as the addict is usually in distress, crisis and often extremely focused on and worried about withdrawal and detox. 1st Step Interventions is practiced at helping keep the addict as safe as possible, not focused on their problems and therefore not in a process of talking themselves out of what they have just agreed to. Concerning withdrawals and detox, we take as much upfront information as possible from the family and then after the Intervention, we speak privately with the addict to ascertain what they have been taking exactly, what they might still have in their possession, what their fears are and making sure they do not do anything illegal while passing through airports for instance. 1st Step Interventions has 15 years of dealing with this issue Professionally and years of personal experience before our own Recovery. This is an additional add on service and price can be covered during the Assessment


Information About Working with 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management.


  • The safety and welfare of The Patient comes first in all decisions.
  • Confidentiality is taken very seriously and Federal Law (CFR 42), is followed by 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management in every situation, except those rare cases it is mandatory to be broken.
  • Although we strive to make ourselves available as though you are our only Client, other Patients and life get in the way sometimes.
  • Phone calls, unless an Emergency as determined by 1st Step Staff, will be returned the next business day after 9 am if received after 4 pm the previous business day.
  • Emails, unless an Emergency as determined by 1st Step Staff, will be returned the next business day after 10am if received after 4 pm the previous business day.
  • Business Days are considered Monday thru Friday 9am to 6PM
  • If there is truly an Emergency and it is life-threatening call 911, all other Emergencies should be texted to 415-497-7722.
  • 1st Step Staff will work on weekends for Assessments, Pre-Interventions, Interventions, Transports and any Emergencies or Crisis’s, as determined by 1st Step Staff.
  • A Patient in Treatment threatening to leave is not an Emergency, nor a Crisis – there is a full Treatment Staff available to calm the situation and ALL FAMILY must disconnect communication with the Patient during this time – letting the Treatment Staff time and space to work with the Patient is the best thin anyone can do.
  • On the 1st business day after the incident, 1st Step Staff will assess the situation with the Treatment Team, come to an agreement and communicate the agreement with The Family.
  • If a Patient leaves Treatment early, The Family will follow the pre agreed upon Plan as laid out by 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management.
  • During Phone conversations with the Patient, ALL FAMILY MEMBERS, will follow the “Healthy Phone Contact” form (Downloaded from website)
  • Families will not make any promises or agreements with the Patient to appease them, without following the 24-hour rule and checking with 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management Staff.


1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management

Employee Code of Conduct

  1. Persons with a history of chemical dependency, prior to and throughout employment/providing services, shall be free of and have had the last two (2) years free of any chemical dependency.
  2. Anyone working for 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management who is licensed or certified and carries insurance for such license or certification, must provide 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management with documentation that shows license or certification and insurance is in good standing and up to date. If license or certification and insurance needs to be regularly renewed it is the employee’s responsibility to provide 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management with the renewal. Any employee found not to be in good standing with their license or certification or who has let their license or certification and insurance lapse will be immediately removed from duties until such renewal or infraction is taken care of. It is the employee’s responsibility to pay for any costs related to the update or renewal of their license or certification and insurance.
  3. Not engage in any activity which could be considered a professional conflict, and shall immediately remove himself or herself from such a conflict if one occurs;
  4. Terminate any professional relationship or counseling services which are not beneficial, or is in any way detrimental to the client;
  5. Always act in the best interest of the client; not abuse, neglect, or exploit a client;
  6. Not have sexual contact with or enter into a personal or business relationship with a client (including any client receiving services from the counselor’s employer) for at least 5 years after the client’s services end.
  7. Not request a client to divulge confidential information that is not necessary and appropriate for the services being provided; and not offer or provide chemical dependency counseling or related services in settings or locations which are inappropriate, harmful to the client or others, or which would tend to discredit the professionalism and integrity of Mayflower Center.
  8. Protect the privacy of all clients and not disclose confidential information without express written consent, except as permitted by law. The Mayflower Center Employee shall remain knowledgeable of and obey all State and Federal laws and regulations relating to confidentiality of chemical dependency treatment records, and shall inform the client, and obtain the client’s consent allowing another person to observe or monitor the client.
  9. Ensure the security of client records; not discuss or divulge information obtained in clinical or consulting relationships except in appropriate settings and for professional purposes which clearly relate to the case;
  10. Ensure the data requested from other parties is limited to information that is necessary and appropriate to the services being provided and is accessible only to appropriate parties.
  11. Employees are free to work for 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management and not have to worry about any sexual harassment. Any employee engaging in sexual harassment will be disciplined accordingly.
  12. 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management is free from unlawful discrimination, based on ethnic identification, sex, age, religion, color or disability. Employees are expected to treat each other with dignity and no discrimination.
  13. Employees are expected to not participate in any activities that could lead to a conflict of interest.
  14. Employees are bound by Federal Confidentiality laws concerning the client’s rights and must adhere to them.


Purpose Of Treatment:


Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs are designed to:


Personal Understanding and Learning:

  • Help you learn what causes and/or contributes to your Addiction or relapses: to understand your triggers and the process that occurs as you move away from recovery toward relapse.
  • Help you deepen your self-exploration of your defenses against change and your resistances to recovery
  • Deepen your understanding of, and engagement with, the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Deepen your understanding of yourself – your individual life history, including trauma, and your history of using alcohol and drugs.
  • Deepen your understanding of your relationships.
  • Deepen your understanding of your spirituality, including your relationship to your higher power


Actions for Recovery:

  • Teach you to intervene immediately when you begin to move away from a solid recovery focus.
  • Provide therapeutic and clinical help for your individual issues including past and current trauma, and all emotional concerns such as anxiety, depression and sleep difficulties.
  • Evoke spiritual change
  • Establish healthy lifestyle changes using holistic approaches
  • Engage in experiential therapies such as equine and guided outdoor activities to help you become aware of your internal thoughts and feelings and to deepen your experience of a spiritual self and spiritual connection
  • Initiate substantial help for the family including exploration of the dynamics of the family system
  • Teach practical methods and a plan to deal with all aspects of damage resulting from your alcoholism and substance abuse, including financial, employment, marriage and parenting. Assess and plan for dealing with these same issues in a healthy, responsible way in recovery. Looking at Life Skills
  • Develop skills to help others in early recovery with the 12 steps
  • Formulate a detailed, practical Continuing plan for leaving Treatment that considers your personal needs and recovery requirements, your family’s needs and concerns, your work needs and requirements, all other life issues, and your ability to maintain a strong focus on your individual recovery.


ABC’s of Treatment

  • Assessment of self
  • Breakthroughs in understanding your deeper self, including your defenses and resistances to recovery. Breakthroughs in understanding how other addictive behaviors, thoughts and feelings help you in recovery or hinder you in recovery, moving you backward towards relapse. What other addictive behaviors require your attention and perhaps action?
  • Continuing Care. Recognizing and planning for your continuing focus on you and your recovery. Continuing care will help you establish and internalize the principles of recovery. It will help you stay alert for the danger signs of relapse and take recovery action immediately.

 However, 1st Step Interventions is moving towards being a Regional expert and leader in Northern California for Intervention and Addiction Care Management. Being closer to the Patient and utilizing resources in the Patient’s home areal ultimately makes more sense from a true models that mirrors the a Medical Models would treat an other Chronic Disease.

1st Step Interventions And Addiction Care Management’s™ “Recovery Without Walls™ Mission Statement is simple “A Lasting Focus on Recovery”

In the Near Future 1st Step Interventions will be changing it's name to Addiction Recovery Management and Intervention,Inc. We feel this better reflects the direction our business model is taking. We believe Treatment is not always necessary and our Program provides Families with more choices and better outcomes. Our Services are located in Northern California, The Bay Area and San Francisco

1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management™ Programs have become the most successful and leading choice for Alcohol Intervention, Drug Intervention, Continuing Care Services, Family help and Education, and Accountability for the Recovering Addict in Northern California, The Bay Area and San Francisco. 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management™ Outpatient Program is a leading choice for Alcohol Intervention, Drug Intervention, Continuing Care Services, Family help and Education, and Accountability for the Recovering Addict in Northern California, The Bay Area and San Francisco. 1st Step Interventions And Addiction Care Management™ offers tailored programs, accountability, relationship building, life skills, and honest coaching to help patients explore their addiction issues and develop strategies to address their patterns. We also regularly check up on our clients to ensure accountability to their Continuing Care Plan. We take all the worry and responsibility out of the Family's or Spouses hands. 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management™ operate on behalf of families, removing them from having to play the role of addiction police'. All of this is done in the alcoholic/addict's real world setting. Our “Recovery Without Walls”™ allows your loved one to live their life and experience recovery in the real world while having Professional guidance and help.

    What are The Advantages of using 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management’s™ Model "Recovery Without Walls?

1Bryan Bowen is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor in California (CAS II) and is a Nationally Certified Interventionsist through the University of Pensylvannia (CIP) Bryan has been Certified for over 12 years.

2.. 1st Step Interventions enjoys a 95% success rate of getting the alcoholic addict to enter treatment as a result of an intervention. Over 400 Intervention have been professionally completed. Experienced Addiction Care Management - Bryan Bowen has 15 years of combined direct patient care and 1st Step Interventions has an outstanding record working with more than 1,000 addicts and their families.

3. Continuity of care - An Addictions Care Specialist works with you from the beginning of the intervention all the way through the 1st year of sobriety. You will continue to be Educated through our proprietary Workbook, Weekly Conference Calls and continued Family work for up to 1 year if neccessary. Even processing issues that come up when your Patient leaves Treatment and comes home. Your Addiction Care Specialist is available during The Addiction Care Management Outpatient Program’s Office hour's Period to any one including the Patient. Your Addiction Care Specialist will manage your loved one's progress on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as needed, provide accountability for adherence to their Continuing Care Plan, help problem solve issues created in the their addiction and recovery, provide Life Skills where necessary, intervene in any Crisis, makes suggestions where appropriate and provide a sense of relief for you. Your loved one will have someone who has been with them, and you, since the beginning of the intervention. You will have a much higher chance of successful long-term recovery. This is how you really treat a Chronic Illness!

4. Addiction Care Management™ - We have worked in all areas of the treatment Industry and understand everything your loved is going to go through. We have also developed long-standing relationships with treatment providers, having personally visited nearly 250 Centers and have outstanding trusting friendships with treatment executives, therapists and counselors. We maintain professional relationships by attending relevant conferences and making visits to centers to make sure they are consistently meeting the needs of the alcoholic/addict. We make honest referrals to programs with ethics who will take care of your loved one and give them the clinical care needed for recovery from their addiction. Your Addiction Care Specialist will be closely involved withe the treatment facility helping build the most successful Continuing Care Plan for your love one.

5. Family Communication - Addiction Care Management™ provides families with weekly conference calls with The Addiction Care Specialist.

6. While the Patient is in treatment, follow up conference calls for the client and family for questions and support

7. Weekly consultations with the Patient Therapist/Case Manager/Counselor if Patient is in treatment during the time of Addiction Care  Management™. This includes but is not limited to, following Patient during treatment,discussions about  recommendations for continuing residential treatment, outpatient treatment, working with the clinical team on the recommendations for Continuing Care Planning and appropriate therapist/psychologist referrals post Treatment (once the Patient has completed the primary treatment program).

8. Signing off on Continuing Care Plan. Providing resources as needed.

9. Addiction Care Management will put together the pieces of the Patient's “Lasting Focus On Recovery" and the boundaries for each piece. This is the patients post Treatment plan to deal with any issues such as financial or legal that may bring up issues.

10. Addiction Care Management will manage all of the recovery activities outlined for the patient in the Continuing  Care Plan.

11. Stress identification and reduction Plan” for Patient's stress and in each case a plan will be put into place with appropriate education and training were necessary. This may include Life Skills. Many of these do not show themselves until after the Patient has left Treatment.

12. Addiction Care Management™ will manage Patient's recovery in stages that build on each other and individual responsibility and provide an exit stage. Providing support for Client and Family and providing a concrete plan for Client and Families growth and recovery.

13. Managing random alcohol and drug screening of Patient after treatment.

14. Managing and helping provide accountability on Patient’s adherence to Continuing Care plan.

15. Providing a plan if Patient has a relapse and managing that plan if event happens during the time of Addiction Care Management™. Family is not involved and encouraged to stay out. Addiction Care Specialist will also have Weekly Face-to-Face meeting with Patient.

With us you get an Intervention Company and an Addiction Care Management™Recovery Without Walls Model, that has been where your loved one is. We know the joy of Recovery and the despair of Addiction, and have developed a Caring way of speaking to active Addicts and their Families.

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