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FAQs of Addiction Care



Some questions to ask yourself about the person with the Addiction

Has the quality of life changed for the worse for the addicted person and those around them?

Do they continue to use despite consequences.

Have they become isolated in their life.

Are they often in financial or some other type of distress or crisis?

Have they lost a marriage, job or something else dear to them as a result of their using?


Does Intervention work. Yes, 1st Step Interventions has a 95% success rate. 75% will go the day of the intervention, because it is led as a very loving and caring family meeting. The other 20% will go within a few hours, sometimes days up to a week. This is if the Family holds their bottom lines and commitment. We want to raise the bottom up to the addict before they actually hit their bottom – which for too many is death.


How does the Process work?



After you call 1st Step Interventions and assessment is made. At this time you can decide if we are a good fit for you and you would like to hire us. If it is determined your loved one needs Treatment we will give the you a list of recommended honest, professional and good Treatment Programs to discuss. This can be done on a conference call with all family members and concerned friends present no matter where in they are in the country. 1st Step Interventions then starts putting all the plans into place and setting up a pre-intervention and an

Intervention date is set. The pre-intervention takes place usually the day before the intervention and last about 3 hours. During the pre-interventions we discuss everything from The Disease of Addiction, what is currently going on with the afflicted person, what everyone is going to say during the intervention, there are Intervention Statements filled out and we practice and go over the actual Intervention several times so everyone is very comfortable with the process and how we are going to have the family meeting. This is a good time for any family member or friend to ask questions or voice concerns.


This takes place usually the next morning as to keep the addict from ingesting too much alcohol or drugs already. The Intervention is very loving, caring, honest, focused, calm and lasts anywhere from ½ hour to an 1 hour and a ½. During this time 1st Step Interventions keeps total control of the situation as to keep it on track and moving forward in a caring factual manner. Once the addict says yes to help it is over and then we move to the next phase.


When does the addict go to Treatment? After the intervention and the patient has accepted help we move right away to get them admitted that day. 1st Step Interventions will have thought of everything needed, made sure everything is taken care of and in order and will move the process forward to Treatment.


What about Detox: While it is not always easy to exactly know everything or the quantities that the addict is using. Our years of experience come in handy here. 1st Step interventions will have asked all the necessary questions up front to get an extremely good picture. Your Interventionist will also discuss this privately with the Patient after they have said yes. Our goal is to get them to Treatment safely, comfortably and to make sure their detox is comfortable and successful. We will alert The Treatment Programs Admissions and Medical team as to what the Patient is using and in what quantities and frequency.


What to bring to treatment: Here is a general list of what is ok and what is not ok (This is general and may changed Center to Center)


  1. Payment if not made in advance
  2. Your Drivers License or other Photo ID like Passport
  3. A list of all your medications and dosages.  Please bring sufficient medications for your travel to and from the Center. While in treatment, authorized medications will be distributed from the pharmacy the use at an additional cost.
  4. The names, addresses, and phone numbers of health care professionals, referents, family members and anyone else you would like to have involved in your treatment.
  5. A Calling Card to make long distance calls at designated times.
  6. Personal toiletries, including shampoo and conditioner, hair spray, mouthwash, body lotion, sun screen.  All your toiletries must be alcohol free.
  7. Electronics:  An alarm clock (no clock radios) and hairdryer.  Headset radios, CD players and iPods may be brought and can be used during designated times (this can vary from Center to Center – we will keep you apprised)
  8. Comfortable clothes that are Season appropriate and appropriate if Patient is leaving the state.
  9. If you smoke cigarettes you must bring packaged, sealed cartons.  We do not sell cigarettes.


Not Ok:

  1. Inappropriate Clothing:
  2. Drug or alcohol “logo” clothing: Excessively tight fitting clothes; low cut, sleeveless or revealing shirts; torn jeans or tee shirts; short-shorts (only mid-thigh shorts may be worn)
  3. Items exceeding $500 in value. Centers are not liable for the loss or damage of  any money, jewelry, documents, or any other articles of unusual value.
  4. Cell Phone. TV’s, Computer, Laptop, Cameras. (Some Treatment Programs allow some, check first)
  5. Caffeine products
  6. Cosmetics that contain alcohol, hairsprays, perfume, nail polish remover, nail glue, hair color chemicals, aerosol containers, Aftershave, Cologne.
  7. Weapons of any kind.


Family involvement and the Family Program: All person who enter Recovery with family support do better. However, we realize this is not always easy due to trust and other issues. Addiction Care Management addresses these very real issues and problems. While most if not all Treatment Centers have some variation of a Family Program it is almost impossible to change in such a short amount of time while also trying to understand and learn about this Disease destroying and killing your loved one, friend or co-worker.  During Addiction Care Management the family is educated and given the information needed to look at the whole picture and what part they can change and how they can be supportive. They also learn how to have appropriate expectations of the newly sober addict. It can take 6-9 months of Addiction Care Management to really help affect change in a family dynamic.


Can someone really get and stay sober and in recovery?: Absolutely, the difference between someone staying sober and being in recovery or not is whether they follow their Continuing Care Plan after treatment. What makes this happen is when the people in their lives who were co-dependent and enabled the addiction stop and change their ways. An addiction cannot happen without enabling. Addiction Care Management helps family, friends, co-workers, spouses etc.. stop their pattern of enabling. Once this is achieved the addict will follow the plan and get into recovery. Time and time again I have heard the same reasons for relapse – my family gave everything I needed again (apartment, car etc..) and I thought I was fixed. I stopped going to 12 Step meetings, calling my Sponsor or working the steps and no one even new or paid attention – I snowed my family into thinking I was doing everything. I had no Professional in my life like an Addiction Care Specialist from Addiction Care Management who was there every step of the way with me helping, guiding and providing accountability in a caring way that I was actually doing what I needed to.


What are the Charges for Intervention, etc.. There are different charges for Intervention, Addiction Care Management and Transportation. After your assessment we will discuss these and the different costs of Treatment and the different lengths of stay. Our goal at 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management is to not have you waste money on fancy treatment programs (I have never seen a view or private chef get someone sober). We want you to get the best treatment that will detox, stabilize and open your loved one up to the idea of Therapy and looking at themselves and to be able to afford Intervention and Addiction Care Management for 6-12 months. It is during the time frame of Addiction Care Management, that first 6 months out of treatment that people have the hardest time and relapse. We cannot count the numerous people who are sober and in recovery today because of Addiction Care Management and all it offers. So our goal is to be able to have you be able to afford which is why we keep our rates low and our and give a lot of services for them – because we care more about your loved one getting their life back than anything else.

1st Step Interventions And Addiction Care Management’s™ “Recovery Without Walls™ Mission Statement is simple “A Lasting Focus on Recovery”

In the Near Future 1st Step Interventions will be changing it's name to Addiction Recovery Management and Intervention,Inc. We feel this better reflects the direction our business model is taking. We believe Treatment is not always necessary and our Program provides Families with more choices and better outcomes. Our Services are located in Northern California, The Bay Area and San Francisco

1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management™ Programs have become the most successful and leading choice for Alcohol Intervention, Drug Intervention, Continuing Care Services, Family help and Education, and Accountability for the Recovering Addict in Northern California, The Bay Area and San Francisco. 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management™ Outpatient Program is a leading choice for Alcohol Intervention, Drug Intervention, Continuing Care Services, Family help and Education, and Accountability for the Recovering Addict in Northern California, The Bay Area and San Francisco. 1st Step Interventions And Addiction Care Management™ offers tailored programs, accountability, relationship building, life skills, and honest coaching to help patients explore their addiction issues and develop strategies to address their patterns. We also regularly check up on our clients to ensure accountability to their Continuing Care Plan. We take all the worry and responsibility out of the Family's or Spouses hands. 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management™ operate on behalf of families, removing them from having to play the role of addiction police'. All of this is done in the alcoholic/addict's real world setting. Our “Recovery Without Walls”™ allows your loved one to live their life and experience recovery in the real world while having Professional guidance and help.

    What are The Advantages of using 1st Step Interventions and Addiction Care Management’s™ Model "Recovery Without Walls?

1Bryan Bowen is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor in California (CAS II) and is a Nationally Certified Interventionsist through the University of Pensylvannia (CIP) Bryan has been Certified for over 12 years.

2.. 1st Step Interventions enjoys a 95% success rate of getting the alcoholic addict to enter treatment as a result of an intervention. Over 400 Intervention have been professionally completed. Experienced Addiction Care Management - Bryan Bowen has 15 years of combined direct patient care and 1st Step Interventions has an outstanding record working with more than 1,000 addicts and their families.

3. Continuity of care - An Addictions Care Specialist works with you from the beginning of the intervention all the way through the 1st year of sobriety. You will continue to be Educated through our proprietary Workbook, Weekly Conference Calls and continued Family work for up to 1 year if neccessary. Even processing issues that come up when your Patient leaves Treatment and comes home. Your Addiction Care Specialist is available during The Addiction Care Management Outpatient Program’s Office hour's Period to any one including the Patient. Your Addiction Care Specialist will manage your loved one's progress on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as needed, provide accountability for adherence to their Continuing Care Plan, help problem solve issues created in the their addiction and recovery, provide Life Skills where necessary, intervene in any Crisis, makes suggestions where appropriate and provide a sense of relief for you. Your loved one will have someone who has been with them, and you, since the beginning of the intervention. You will have a much higher chance of successful long-term recovery. This is how you really treat a Chronic Illness!

4. Addiction Care Management™ - We have worked in all areas of the treatment Industry and understand everything your loved is going to go through. We have also developed long-standing relationships with treatment providers, having personally visited nearly 250 Centers and have outstanding trusting friendships with treatment executives, therapists and counselors. We maintain professional relationships by attending relevant conferences and making visits to centers to make sure they are consistently meeting the needs of the alcoholic/addict. We make honest referrals to programs with ethics who will take care of your loved one and give them the clinical care needed for recovery from their addiction. Your Addiction Care Specialist will be closely involved withe the treatment facility helping build the most successful Continuing Care Plan for your love one.

5. Family Communication - Addiction Care Management™ provides families with weekly conference calls with The Addiction Care Specialist.

6. While the Patient is in treatment, follow up conference calls for the client and family for questions and support

7. Weekly consultations with the Patient Therapist/Case Manager/Counselor if Patient is in treatment during the time of Addiction Care  Management™. This includes but is not limited to, following Patient during treatment,discussions about  recommendations for continuing residential treatment, outpatient treatment, working with the clinical team on the recommendations for Continuing Care Planning and appropriate therapist/psychologist referrals post Treatment (once the Patient has completed the primary treatment program).

8. Signing off on Continuing Care Plan. Providing resources as needed.

9. Addiction Care Management will put together the pieces of the Patient's “Lasting Focus On Recovery" and the boundaries for each piece. This is the patients post Treatment plan to deal with any issues such as financial or legal that may bring up issues.

10. Addiction Care Management will manage all of the recovery activities outlined for the patient in the Continuing  Care Plan.

11. Stress identification and reduction Plan” for Patient's stress and in each case a plan will be put into place with appropriate education and training were necessary. This may include Life Skills. Many of these do not show themselves until after the Patient has left Treatment.

12. Addiction Care Management™ will manage Patient's recovery in stages that build on each other and individual responsibility and provide an exit stage. Providing support for Client and Family and providing a concrete plan for Client and Families growth and recovery.

13. Managing random alcohol and drug screening of Patient after treatment.

14. Managing and helping provide accountability on Patient’s adherence to Continuing Care plan.

15. Providing a plan if Patient has a relapse and managing that plan if event happens during the time of Addiction Care Management™. Family is not involved and encouraged to stay out. Addiction Care Specialist will also have Weekly Face-to-Face meeting with Patient.

With us you get an Intervention Company and an Addiction Care Management™Recovery Without Walls Model, that has been where your loved one is. We know the joy of Recovery and the despair of Addiction, and have developed a Caring way of speaking to active Addicts and their Families.

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